A Night of Recommendation Technologies

Brought to you by Wakoopa Strands

Recked is an informal event for engineers interested in recommender systems. This technology has proven its success for businesses like Amazon, Google, and Netflix, and now new startups are using it to shape their products.

Held on January 26 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Recked focused on how to implement collaborative filtering for your product in a manageable and practical way. Three experienced speakers gave attendees all the real-world use cases and solutions they needed to start building their own recommendation platform. More then 100 people attended and as such the event was sold out.

Another edition of Recked is being planned this very moment. Stay tuned!

Our speakers

Jim Shur, Strands
Jim has been working in software development for over 25 years, the last five years as Chief Software Architect at Strands. He earned an M.S. in Computer Science from Oregon State University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Math and Philosophy from the University of Rochester. He also co-authored the book "The Elements of Java Style".

Coen Stevens, Wakoopa
Coen Stevens achieved his master degree at the TU Delft on Knowledge Based Systems and propedueses for Psychology and Philosophy at Leiden University. After 2 years of PhD research for the Netherlands Defence Academy and TU Delft on audiovisual perception, he became the Lead Recommendations Engineer at Wakoopa.

Dominiek ter Heide, Reccoon
After finishing his degree in Computer Science, Dominiek founded Reccoon together with Peter Tegelaar (Behavioural Economics and Mathematics). Reccoon specializes in the development of 'smart' web apps and intelligent applications, which includes recommender technologies.